In New York, a train tunnel between New York and New Jersey sparked a huge chaotic situation after a train boarding more than 1,200 passengers stuck inside the tunnel for more than three hours. After the Amtrak police used force and the stun guns to catch a person who is accused of sparking a stampede situation in the New York’s Penn Station, gotten worse and the rush situations evolved into a great mayhem, which was taken more time to get control over the people.

This incident marked as the latest such rail related malfunction occurred in the metropolitan area, which sparked more chaotic situation than ever, and after the train reached the Penn Station in the late afternoon, the Amtrak officials have disabled the tunnel till the situation is fixed. This tunnel resides under the Hudson River and is one of the vital passageways that connect the city of New York and New Jersey, which is thought to have experienced power malfunctions due to some still unknown reasons.

The train was overcrowded, and after the Amtrak police had used stun as well Taser gun on an alleged stampede sparked, the whole crowd of more than 1,200 people got loose control over panic and caused the large as well uncontrollable disturbance.

The New York police officials later confirmed the incident, as the use of stun gun as well the teaser gun was mistakenly thought of a gunshot by many of the passengers, which triggered the massive outrageous panic among the passengers.

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