In Salt Lake City, Utah, the local county police are searching for a female who was in only pajamas and entered a bank and tried to rob as many of five banks in a 90-minute period on this Saturday, says the police. The total duration of 90-minute was started on 9:21 am to 11:55 am, by which the woman have visited five banks with the intention to rob these banks.

According to the Salt Lake County Police official statement, which says about a woman wearing lower pajama and have nested on not just one or two, but five banks, and every time she had to ran out empty handed after being spooked from all the bank employees. The Unified Police Deputy Lt. Brian Lohrke said she was dumbfounded every time she visited a new bank with an intention to rob, and every time the woman feels like she would able to get away with it.

As per the employees from all the banks, they said the woman didn’t show any sign of weapons, and thus none of the employees and their customer’s gets shocked or panicked when the woman entered because they didn’t feel any threat from her.

The police have suspected the woman was not local, and from some other place out of the region, because she didn’t cover her face and still her face was unknown to all. The police issued an arrest warrant for the woman, and as her face are seen in every bank’s CCTV footages.

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