Missing case of four men leads the Pennsylvania police officials to a state farmland on early Thursday morning, after digging for sometimes they found several human leftovers in the area, and among them, one of the victims so far have been identified.

The police reported that the victim who was identified is known as a 19-year old Dean Finocchiaro, he is one of the four men who went missing from their respective regions. Finocchiaro’s remains were found less than 12 feet deep grave that is situated on the farm of Solebury Township, lies 30 miles north of the city of Philadelphia, which was a common one, and no specialty on it as the official said.

On the other hand, the other three people who were also missing are known as 21-year old Tom Meo, 22-year old Mark Sturgis and old Jimi Tar Patrick who is 19 year, who was also speculated, has been found in the rest of human remains. All these missing people were missing for at least seven days, and now their families said all of them are either mutual friends or them worked together.

The digging leads by the official in a different situation, when the child of the farm’s owner was apprehended by the police when he strained to sell the car of Meo for $500, which happened on July 9, and it leads to the event now. The name of the person is Cosmo DiNardo who is a 20-year old, and now he is still arrested for further investigation.

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