Oregon accepts sweeping bill augmenting abortion access

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) on Tuesday signed into law that promotes the nation’s most liberal reproductive health policy, augmenting acquisition to abortion and birth control at a time when the Trump administration and other states are trying to regulate them.

The Reproductive Health Equity Act wants health insurers to dispense birth control and abortion without charging a co pay. It also devotes state funds to offer reproductive healthcare to non-citizens eliminated from Medicaid.

Anti-abortion groups immediately censured the new law saying that it will coerce tax payers to foot the bill for a methodology many think to be a form of murder. It connects Oregon’s status as the most enlightened state when it comes to abortion.

Abortion right group applauded the measure as a defense against disintegration of reproductive rights under Republican leadership in US.

A prochoice partnership of Oregon which help establish the law said it will do well out for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians by increasing access to abortion, birth control and postpartum care for low-income women.

Amy Casso, director of the Gender Justice Program for Western States said that in the wake of implacable roll back and assaults at the federal level Oregonians are the face of an irrepressible and ingenious people.She also said that a lot of work needs to be done yet, however, the people should be proud of the fact that Oregonians have the freedom to determine if and when they have children based on what’s best for them and their family’s situations.

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