Ocean Acidity Endangers Coral Reefs Indicating Erosion over Few Decades


Ocean acidity endangers Coral reefs, as a team of scientists has warned on Thursday that the reef may be evacuated over next few decades before 2100, because of the climate change made by humans.

With the help of benthic chambers located underwater at reef in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Southern Cross University in Australia along with their members from the United States has produced the condition of acidity, which the marine lives are going to face in upcoming 30 years.

The research team of Australia mentioned in the paper published by the US journal Science that, “Coral reefs will transition to net dissolving before end of century. Net dissolving means reefs would lose more material than they gain from the growth of corals.”

Most crucial component in the greenhouse gas made by humans, carbon dioxide produce a weaker acid in the ocean’s water and menace to  dissolve the Coral reef sediments, which have been made up of burst coral bits as well as other carbonate organisms accumulating in about thousands of years, according to the new research.

Professor Eyre from at the Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry of Southern Cross University said in a statement that, “Coral reef sediments around the world will trend towards dissolving when seawater reaches a tipping point in acidity which is likely to occur well before the end of the century. This will potentially impact coral reef ecosystems, not to mention tourism, fisheries and the many other human activities that occur around reefs.”