After the series of unprecedented cyber-attacks on more than 400,000 systems and users in as many as 150 countries in the world on May 12, the experts have stepped in to find out the culprits behind this massive scale cyber-attacks occurred in human history. But, on this Monday, these cyber security researchers have found a trace linked towards North Koreans, which is not quite a surprise though, because of their isolations it has become predicted their involvement in any of global presence, says an expert.

The cyber security giants like Symantec and Kaspersky Lab stated that they were in very much doubt about the attack. But, now they come to know that some of the codes this WannaCry Software used were similar to the codes used by a company named Lazarus Group, which is of North Korea. Many proofs say it belongs to the isolated country, but now no one is blaming them because it is so soon to blame a country behind any kinds of the attacks.

As some expert cyber security researchers from the US said, there have been before also that Sony was hack due to the movie they were portraying the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but that was in 2014, and only affected one company.

Though this time its effects spread throughout the world, from Bangladesh’s central bank to the Germany’s national railways, all are affected severely. In the US, several companies were hit by the attacks, but those were limited due to their policies.

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