‘No-Shave November’ – A Month for the Awareness to Men’s Health Issues

An annual event, ‘No-Shave November’ involves men exhibiting facial hair and moustache growing for all 30 days of November, which is also called as ‘Movember’. The event is basically dedicated to add more awareness to health issues of men that include testicular cancers, prostate cancers and men’s suicide.

There is also a non-profit organization, known as ‘Movember Foundation’, which runs the charity event of Movember along with the goal ‘to change the face of men’s health’. This healthy event is devoted to grow cancer awareness as well as the supportive funds that go towards saving lives, preventing the disease, educating and funding research.

The event first began in Australia in 2004, when a group of some friends asked to spread awareness of the necessity of early cancer diagnosis, detection and potent treatments in order to come closer to the men’s health issues. The ultimate goal of the team was to reduce the figure of preventable deaths of men.

The event calls a phrase saying as ‘Grow a Mo, Save a Bro’, which meant to encourage conversations, donations and other real change. Movember also aims to introduce with the fact that average numbers of men die as early as six years younger than women with the reasons that are more likely to be prevented.

Sense of community is one of the greatest things of Movember. If someone wants to join the event and doesn’t know anyone doing the same, he can just simply join the parties and events and get connected with the ‘Mo Bros’ across the world by using the Movember app.

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