The video games must come with instruction manuals is slowly backing off. Now Nintendo has released on its new console the first games and it has come without instruction manuals. It has no digital manual or a paper instruction.

Nintendo’s 1 2 Switch party game has nothing inside it as instruction manual. It only has mini-games visual menu on the game cart:

The flagship Switch game of the company, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild simply has inside the box an illustration of a protagonist link climbing a cliff.

There is a printed manual for a Nintendo Switch game that can be considered closest is the inside of Konami’s Super Bomberman R box:

Nintendo has backed off from printed instruction manuals during its Wii U console. But the company has been offering digital manuals continuously, which the players could access by clicking an option or even pausing a game to page through a virtual manual. Nintendo’s 3DS system games also all had the digital manual option.

The Wii U and 3DS games digital manuals were not really great, but they were there on Nintendo and third-party games to look for assistance, if required. For a time, Nintendo was even making an effort to ensure the digital manuals looked good. On asking, Nintendo is now producing digital instruction manuals for its recent releases. With the Switch first release, the Yacht Club made an online manual.

Time to wait to see if Nintendo is coming with paper or digital instruction manuals are is considering it is not required for video games.

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