Nintendo brings the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and android users

The Japanese company for electronics and video games over multinational consumers, Nintendo is again adding an impressive comeback. Nintendo has announced officially today that it soon will introduce its next title for smartphones, as ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’.

This classic new title lets users live within the animals zone along with the usually chill existence (at the same time feeding the capitalist machine of Tom Nook) will be launched in November for Android and iOS users.

Pocket Camp seems a quite toned-down version for the whole game, which a smaller scope over the board, while it still so much popular. Now, the new version allows users to set up their shops at the given new campsite, which they are place in value of, instead of like the older version, which rolled in to the new land and make them a mayor. Also users will get a camper, instead of designing the house.

A founder of Kantan Games Inc consultant, Serkan Toto stated that, The IP is often underestimated, but chances are Animal Crossing on mobile can become a big hit. The game seems to offer high production value, mobile-optimized gameplay, and depth to make sure people keeps coming back over and over.”

Serkan Toto added again in statement, “The monetization seems to be more aggressive than the casual appeal the title suggests. A high-quality mobile version of Animal Crossing can become a long-term cash machine for Nintendo.”

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