The New Roku OS 8 Comes With Enhanced Streaming Features for Roku TV

Roku has announced today ‘Roku OS 8’ to deliver the advanced entertainment features to add more value and convenience to the streaming experience of Roku TV users. The company is simultaneously focusing on bridging between the local, free broadcast TV that has been received through the streaming and HDTV antennas.

Roku is basically known for the high customer engagement and streaming innovation, which offers best way to the video advertisers as well as content providers to reach to the streaming audiences.

The company has also revealed different new features of the Roku TV, which include a Smart Guide for streaming options to help users to find, discover and search for entertainment as well as showing over-the-air i.e. OTA broadcast TV.

While many other features have been included in the update that offers an easier search with the voice control facility allowing users to put enhanced voice commands and launch switch inputs, controlling Roku TV or streaming channels. The

The senior vice president of Roku OS, Ilya Asnis stated that, “At Roku, we love TV and we’re focused on making it better for everyone. Roku OS 8 delivers on our key pillars of ease, content and value. These new features make the entertainment experience more enjoyable for our customers, while solving some of the biggest pain points when watching TV today.”

The new Roku OS 8 will be available on market for the Roku players from early October, while Roku TV models will be rolling out in November. The software is supposed to roll out for all the Roku devices by the end of this year.


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