The New Pi Charges Multiple iPhones wirelessly within the Greater Distance

Finally, Apple is releasing a new iPhone with the wireless charger, which is the technology that has been already implementing since several years around the world. The new wireless charger by Apple is named as “Pi” and it aims to come up with the solution for comfortable experience of charging the device from greater distance to the charger.

The previous technology, i.e. the charging pad, was not much comfortable according to the reviews of the users, as it didn’t allow the users to operate the device while charging, and also it needed either a ginormous pad for all the user’s devices or a common charging pad for each separate device. Since, the new Pi charger doesn’t need for plopping the device on any pad.

The technology used in the new Pi wireless charger, has been developed by the graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, there are standards and technologies are already available in the market for the purpose of wireless charging facility, which include Energous WattUp, WiTricity and Powermat. But, the Qi based wireless charger is the most predominant, which is having distance limitation of putting the device at extremely closed place from the charging source, i.e. less than 40mm.

The chief officer and the co-founder of the Pi technology, Shi stated that, “Magnetic fields are the best way to send meaningful energy to phones, tablets, and other portable electronics. The hard part was figuring out how to make magnetic charging more flexible, multi-device, and extend its useful range. It took over a year to complete the mathematical proof that makes it all possible.”


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