New iPhone Will Not Have Home Button: A Drastic Change Apple’s Phone Design

Apple recently confirmed of launching three Phones by coming September, as iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and highly hyping iPhone 8.The rumors say that one of the next upcoming iPhones will kick the home button off, for making the larger screen with thin bezels as edge to edge touchscreen. This will be the drastic change for iPhone users as they may habitual of the home button since the first model was launched in 2007.

This iPhone home button allows users to unlock the phone, slide the grids and recently upgraded technology of Touch ID fingerprint scanner. These all functions are supposed to be performed differently without home button, as it is reported by one of the most trusted reporters, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

According to Mark Gurman, the new phone will omit home button and provide its function with the new software menu bar displayed on the screen only. However, this biggest change in iPhone of losing home button will only be applied for upcoming high end versions of iPhone and not for all the models.

The new phone is expected to have a larger screen as compare to current phones. It shows the apps in order of six rows, while 24 icons are there on the home page. The phone found to be more interesting, looking like new iPad dock of iOS 11.

Apple may step next of aiming to attach a stainless steel band around new iPhone. This bands will contains an antenna on its corner same like the previous iPhones for the more improvement is data reception.

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