Neuroscientists Say Sheep Recognizes Celebrity Images Including Obama

Neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge posted a report in the Royal Society Open Science journal on Tuesday asserting that sheep are capable of distinguishing faces of animals, humans, celebrities and even former President Barak Obama as well. The scientists have been rewarded better for measuring the brain functions of sheep.

The team got success after few days of tutelage of sheep at the Cambridge University in England, where at least 8 sheep could recognize Obama by his picture. These sheep have learned to select the portrait of former president out of a set of pictures.

The Cambridge congregation included eight Welsh Mountain female sheep that learned successfully four different faces of celebrities, during the experiment. The list of celebrity images contained former president Obama, actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Watson and British newsreader Fiona Bruce.

These woolly creatures grasped this recognition skill after going through three scenarios of training. The sheep were having two options in each step as a photo of celebrity face or another is of something else. Then sheep had just 15 seconds to reach the picture and trigger the infrared sensor. Whenever the sheep correctly chose the option, the testing got popped out with a treat.

Jonathan Peirce studying visual systems at the University of Nottingham in Britain stated that, ā€œIā€™m sure it will surprise other people, but to me this is all well known. My 2001 paper looked very carefully at this with a wider range of stimuli, more sheep and more conditions. I guess they have extended our work to show that sheep generalize viewpoints of the faces, which does require a rich representation of the identity.ā€

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