You Need to Throw Away These Health Trends


You need to throw away these health trends as they won’t help you lose weight for good. Diets that deny your lovable foods don’t work for everyone.

Many of us spend thousands of dollars a year on new programs and products to get fast results in shade some pounds. As a result, these risky trends are surely draining your bank account as well as wasting your time and increasing serious health risks.

Saunas, the booths made of vinyl, plastic, or rubber, uses light to heat your body mad promises to help you with weights loss. It increases your heart rate and makes you sweat more while you exercise.

Swear off hormone injections. The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Diet forces users to receive daily hormone injections and a measly 500 calories a day to suppress their appetites. It includes a combination of human chorionic gonadotropin injections. While there is no evidence they actually help in weight loss.

Talking about the tube-feeding diet, or the baby food diet, the remedies won’t work for most people who attempt them.

Thinking our bodies can’t tolerate the gluten and dropping it is not the solution. Technically, it has already proved that eating fewer processed foods which contain gluten would help you lose weight.

It’s okay to track meals or keep a food diary, but be careful not to go overboard. Eating healthily should be about making positive changes — not changes that you begrudge. And the best way to approach this is to focus on health, not kilos, suggests a nutrition and exercise scientist, Kathleen Alleaume.

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