NASA Released a Free E-Book – “The Saturn System: Through the Eyes of Cassini”

“The Saturn System: Through the Eyes of Cassini” is a free e-book released by NASA, which highlights the scientific key discoveries and intriguing images, sourced from its Cassini mission to the Saturn. This book discovers the topmost 100 images explorers the spectacular moons and the ringed planet.

Linda Spilker, a Scientist on the Cassini Project told the press members on September 13, Wednesday at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, that, “We’ve had an incredible 13-year mission.”

She also praised the Cassini spacecraft for proving the incredible information since it arrived in 2004, which compared the water to the food of data by the ‘a giant fire hose’.

The spacecraft Cassini was launched around the two decades ago as in 1997 and arrived on in 2004. But on 15th September, Friday, the Cassini got out of the fuel and supposed to be crashed onto the Saturn with meeting the fiery end. The fiery end of the Cassini mission can be watched on of NASA TV at 4 am. The last signal expected at around 4.55 am from the Cassini spacecraft.

The images collected through the Cassini mission are split into the in five parts. The first part discloses the Saturn with all icy glory, where the second section reveals the most incredible pictures of the ringed planet. The potentially habitable large moons from the Enceladus and Titan each, used to warrant its own section. The last and fifth section has covered with other moons from the Saturn system. These all pictures have a direct link to the system of NASA, from where one can easily downloaded the full resolution images in the multiple formats.


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