NASA Offers a Chance to Take a Walk on Mars through Smartphone

It has been from some time that NASA is launching the virtual reality project for Mars. But, this will be the first time that the search engine giant, Google is getting collaborated with NASA and allow the users feel the bright, warm surface, chilly and rusty rocks that were explored by the Curiosity rover of NASA.

Recently, Google has teamed up with NASA to roll out the website named as ‘Access Mars’ based on WebVR effects. This experience greatly transports people from an imagination domain to the mind bending realm of mixed reality.

The website is totally designed with the help of WebVR technology, which lets users meet the virtual reality that is located in their browser and can be accessed without downloading the native apps.

This smart website, i.e. Access Mars contains a 3D terrain for the scanned five spots by Curiosity rover of NASA. This virtual Mars journey can be done via a browser (should be desktop capability supported) on users’ smartphone devices as a display i.e. head tracking appeared through the Cardboard-like viewer and enable the augmented reality and virtual reality headsets.

NASA added while describing about this technology that this experience has been adapted from the software called ‘OnSight’ that is used while guiding scientist visualize the surrounding area of the Curiosity rover as they had planned its route.

A leading lead project manager, Victor Luo, from the Ops Lab of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which let this collaboration, stated that, “We’ve been able to leverage VR and AR technologies to take our scientists to Mars every single day. With Access Mars, everyone in the world can ride along.”

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