NASA Needs Help To Come Up With a Better Appellation for Its New Horizons Mission – MU69

The space agency, NASA wants a help to appellate its New Horizons spacecraft mission that most knowingly flew in 2015 by Pluto and heading towards an icy, old object at the Solar System’s edge. The object is observed to be in the Edge worth – Kuiper belt, which is a circumstellar disc beyond planets in solar System stretching from Neptune’s orbit.

Currently the object is officially titled as ‘(486958) 2014 MU69’, which is a bunch of some numbers that eventually referred to the object at the time when it was observed by the Hubble Space Telescope. The SETI Institute of Mountain View, a Non-profit organization in California is hosting a website, where people can suggest or nominate the nicknames. From the nominated names by the members of public, the executives will select the favorite submissions and place them in a list for vote. People can check out that which names are being loved the most over the upcoming month.

However, the ongoing list includes Peanut and Camelor, Z’ha’dum, Kibo, Mawenzi, Shira, Mjölnir, Sagittarius, Pluck & Persistence and Año Nuevo. There is also a list of guidelines for the people who want their names be nominated. The names refer to mythologies are accepted, while names with the religious or political significance will not be accepted. Also the names that having commercial value are not considerable.

A principal investigator from New Horizons mission, Alan Stern stated that, “New Horizons has always been about pure exploration, shedding light on new worlds like we’ve never seen before. Our close encounter with MU69 adds another chapter to this mission’s remarkable story. We’re excited for the public to help us pick a nickname for our target that captures the excitement of the flyby and awe and inspiration of exploring this new and record-distant body in space.”

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