NASA Destroying Its Cassini Spacecraft after a Great Achievements

The Cassini Spacecraft mission by NASA has been in an orbit around the Saturn since 13 years, which is now plunging itself. Earlier, the Cassini probe has given NASA a great success with providing the exquisite details regarding the second largest planet lying in the solar system. NASA is disintegrating the Cassini probe on Friday, because its fuel is almost to be finished soon. So, NASA has decided to destroy the spacecraft at the atmosphere of Saturn only to prevent the planet moon from the contamination.

Scientists have declared that the fireball in the clouds of Saturn should be visible for all of the telescopes on the ground as well as the space. Though, Hubble Space Telescope is not getting used by NASA to capture the pictures of the destruction of the Cassini probe. Still, the astronomers are said to be catching glimpse of the flash on the earth.

Also, there is an interesting story behind end of the Cassini mission. It is that the managers of the mission were too worried about the probe as it was out of fuel and not able to change its current orbit. The probe may crash on to the moons of Saturn, sometimes in future.  Therefore, the probe is going to plunge itself into the atmosphere of Saturn.

Linda Spilker, a Cassini project scientist of Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA said about the hurricanes happening on the poles of the Saturn, that “These hurricanes are large enough they’d cover about half the continental United States, about 50 times larger than a typical Earth hurricane. We have jet streams here on the Earth, but they change almost daily. So, we’re really puzzled. It’s the only place we know of in our solar system that has a long-lived hexagonal jet stream.”



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