This weekend saw the largest ever cyber-attacks done on this planet that crippled many government facilities over the globe and even many private firms were also affected by the attack.

The attack has been very severe in some regions that some countries need much time to come back to the normal track.

In a total of 150 nations throughout the world has been affected by the devastation of WannaCry cyber-attack. Some of the devastations were made like the hospital system of Britain, the railway network of Germany has been disrupted, the currency exchange system in Netherlands have been disrupted and much more.

The devastation was so serious it can seem in the plans of these hackers, as there are hundreds of computer systems were attacked and it got infected by ransomware cyber-attack. There were many reports came in that several hackers were lending their so-called help in unencrypted many user’s system data, but with the exchange of currency, and as per many experts this is also called as extortion, through the virtual world.

In the US, it seems to be the cyber-crimes have been increased since 2010, and this was the major in the country, but still, the country had many major cyber-attacks in previous years too. While comparing it to other nations the US agreed that there was an increase of 38 percent of these attacks only in 2015, which is so huge than the previous years, and on the next year in 2016, it was increased by another 10 percent, and that is more than 70,000 attacks.

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