Mozilla Releases the Firefox Quantum- The Most Exciting Update since First Launched In 2004

On Tuesday, Mozilla released its biggest ever update by introducing Firefox Quantum, which is a faster, 57th version for the open source browser that clocks in twice the speed than that of Firefox 52 in March, as according to Speedometer 2.0 benchmark.

Mozilla better knows that Chrome has won most of the users of internet browsers by its performance. Firefox plays an important role to know the value of web as the neutral tech territory, which is a place free from the control of Google and Apple exerts over users’ phones as well as the applications they can run on their devices.

In addition, Mozilla aims to maintain the web competitive and opened, while the Firefox is exactly how Mozilla endows web with latest technologies such as virtual reality, easier payments and faster Web Assembly powered games.

This latest version of Firefox also offers the technological foundation to these innovative improvements. The Quantum Render is expected to be arrived in the Firefox 59 that has recently entered testing via Nightly channel.

The Senior Vice President at Firefox, Mark Mayo stated that, “It’s the biggest jump in sustained upswing in sentiment since I’ve been here. Everything major we wanted to get in made it. … It’s almost certainly the biggest refactoring ever done in software engineering, at least in public. Seventy-five percent of the code base had to be touched. Almost 5 million lines of code were impacted.”

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