Microsoft All Set To Reveal Its Fluent Design Language for Windows 10

Microsoft has already unveiled its new Fluent Design System earlier this year with a promise that subtitles changes with the software of company in the future. It is reported as the first part of the Fluent Design language will be seen in the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 that are released tomorrow. But, the company is working on more preparation in the upcoming months.

Still, most of the changes existing now include some subtle additions such as blur effects that is a type of old design, which could be seen back in the Windows Vista. Company has made a video, which describes well about all the new changes in design of the Windows 10.

The video becomes a better show case to disclose how the changes are subtle, but it does not tease more about the future. Microsoft’s has designed its Fluent Design System in such a way that it is expected to be true successor for Metro design of Microsoft, which will be appeared across the services as well as applications of Windows, Android and iOS.

The company is now focusing motion, light, scale, depth and material for the Fluent Design System along with the animations, which make that design seem to be moving while interactions in Windows.

People are eager to even more of the changes in the next update of Windows 10 that is currently titled as Redstone 4. Company has started of testing initial features of new update that is supposed to be announced in March. The ‘Cortana Collections’ is a new feature to observe and remind the particular browsing habits of users.

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