Microsoft is on Search for Mystery of Ettore Majorana: A Disappeared Physicist

A young Italian, Ettore Majorana from Palermo boarded a boat to Naples on March 25, 1938, who never seen again. He was the one having first observation on the hypothesized existence of the strange particles known as Majorana. As a physics pioneer, his work would be the fundamental to the most convincing approaches for building the quantum computer.
Some people, who well knew him, say that he had committed a suicide, as he was suffering through depression for a long period of time. Even it is said that he had once locked himself and refused to publish his work as taking it too boring, so far for four years.
While, some other people believe that he had foresaw the nuclear weapons creation, which was a ‘mystical crisis’, means that a man in southern Italy, matches his description and reported as a monastery.
The peculiar quantum energy has also remained an enigma, called as the quasiparticles, on which he had put his name. Since, the paper published by the researchers in Netherlands and Sydney, provides more supporting data till date. Also the recent years have been the witnesses of the evidence on mounting their existence.
On other side, the Microsoft is highly targeting the quantum computing future and spending millions of dollars on the funds for research on finding Majorana’s mysterious particles.
Dr. Maja Cassidy from Station Q lab of Microsoft in Sydney said that, “This was really the missing link. It was the one thing we could never rebut against peoples’ arguments against Majorana fermions. And now we have the evidence.”

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