In Jackson, Mississippi, a couple was struggling to conceive a baby, thus gone for some tests which include the IVF treatments, and find out that the couple had biological connections and that turned out to be they were twins.

The IVF treatment was to treat the couple and prevent them from conceiving a baby, which was the reason for their problems, and now it rises when they find out they are brother and sister, and not just any siblings, they are twins.

At first the doctors found both the DNA similar, which is slightly common, because of many with the same ancestral descendants, but in this case, it was similar in an abnormal rate which raises the eyebrows of the doctors who tested the DNA samples.

When the couple was asked if they were related or not, they went into laughing into disbelieved, which makes the doctors take further steps, as they asked their friends about their behavior and that came positive by many of their friends. Both of them shares the same date of birth as well they share the same sense of humor, and also they look same at certain stages.

The doctors found the root, which says different foster parents adopted both of them and raised as their own when they were just toddlers, it is because their parents died in a car crash.

The couple was just shocked to know the truth about themselves, and thinking of their plans if they will stay together or not.

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