In Phoenix, Arizona, various journalists and media representatives have come forward to defend a man who is charged with killing nine people in a shooting incident over a period, and some even concluded this case as a serial killer case.

As per some reports made after a court session has been over, it came to light that a lawyer who represents the various media organizations and several TV stations has filed a petition for the accused on this Friday’s court session.

On the other hand, the accused Aaron Juan Saucedo is still in the police custody without any bail granted to him, and he is waiting for his trial session. He is accused of shooting 12 people during mid-2015 to the later of 2016, and out the 12 individuals, nine of them were found dead, and others were seriously injured. Thus, Saucedo is facing multiple first-degree murder charges as well as aggravated assault for keeping a deadly weapon which was not found but thought to be used in the shooting.

After all the efforts of the state police, Saucedo still appeals for his innocence in court, which is now supported by multiple media officials, and TV broadcasting stations. According to the media officials, they have the right to show and see what the whole truth of the matter is, and thus stepped front to show their indulgence to the case. The list of members of the news coalition is CBS 5 (KPHO-TV), 3 TV (KTVK), ABC15 (KNXV-TV, 12 News (KPNX-TV) and the Telemundo of Arizona.

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