In Toledo, Ohio, on the charges of fire-raising, a city building owner got sentenced to spent 20-years in prison on this Thursday in a district court. One of the main reasons to get such a sentence is the man not only accused of setting the fire in his building but, when the firemen came to stop it, they got perished in the blaze and died later.

As per many reports, which leads to the accused who is now got charged in the incident that took two lives, is a 64-year-old man named Ray Abou-Arab, and even after they officials showed much evidence, he pleaded not guilty. Though the man was charged with aggravated arson and manslaughter charges, he still agreed to enter the Alford plea to keep the charges away, as per the US Law.

This Alford plea is a type of appeal, where the accused doesn’t admit any guilt despite the prosecutor has enough evidence to convict the person in a particular case. But, soon after, the court dismissed all the pleas recorded by Abou-Arab and sentenced him for 20-years in prison.

Abou-Arab failed in polygraph exam, and other testimonies considered implicating towards him, which is enough to make him rot in jail, says the Toledo Police Sgt. Keefe Snyder. On the other hand, the experts believe if the accused never entered the Alford plea, he might have been re-tried despite the fact that the sentence goes against him.

As per now, Abou-Arab has to spend almost rest of his old-age life in prison.

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