Los Angeles Presents the Largest Mexican Food Festival of the United States

The work must be appreciated of those who make the famous traditional Mexican dish that includes more than 30 ingredients. So, to experience the taste of this popular ancient dish, with 13 different kinds in a single day, there is the great ‘Mole Fair’ going to happen in Los Angeles.

This mole festival is called as ‘La Feria de Los Moles’, which is the largest Mexican food festival on the 10th annual food fair in the United States. This great event is going to take place on 1st October in Grand Park of the downtown L.A.

People can have taste of 13 different kinds of mole and they can also participate for the heated debate of Puebla or Oaxaca, who has the best mole and from where those several types of moles have been made.

People can opportune this festival by learning more about the mole dishes, while its presentation and the debate competition between both the judges from Oaxaca and Puebla. Also there will be the variety of many famous foods and pastries available for complementing the entire mole dishes.

The food fair is scheduled at the Grand Park in Los Angeles, for the duration of 10 am to 7 pm, with expecting the people in amount of more than 30,000, where the admission will be free and food can be purchased. This can be the golden opportunity to have the all’s favorite moles in 13 flavors, especially for those people who are fond of tasty foods.


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