In the United States, a big number of people in the country are being glued to on-demand channels, and especially to “Netflix,” which is one of the most viewed TV channels in the country. Just because Netflix have no number of advertisements like the televisions, thus makes the kids from the “only Netflix” House are unaware of television advertisements.

According to plenty of childhood wished nowadays, the television advertisements are mere evil than its being exciting. Although there are the majorities of TV channels are linked with advertisements, but the services of the on-demand channel like Netflix and Amazon Videos comes with an ad-free environment. The growing craze of on-demands videos and films are more than enough for the house to get rid of the cable networks and other substances; thus the users’ children never heard of TV advertisements.

A recent survey was done, and it shows, out of 100 homes 50 were only Netflix users, and 50 were the users of normal television. The result was about the children of 82 percent Netflix only user doesn’t know and 38 percent of normal TV user was not aware of the wood TV commercials. The survey gathered much information from 100 homes, and in total, about 88 percent of children doesn’t have any idea about commercials.

Experts believe that this might change the way people watches television in future, but, this is a long way, as most normal TV shows commercials, in the country. But, on the other hand, children are running away from normal television, instead, go for Netflix and Amazon TV.

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