Jenna Burleigh’s Body Found Was Murdered By The Former Temple University Student

Jenna Burleigh, a 22 year old, a young junior student in Temple University was murdered by the 29 year old former Temple student, Joshua Hupperterz. Earlier she was missing by the early Thursday morning. The offender was found at his grandmother’s house, Saturday and has now confessed the murder has done, as ‘element of the crime’. Later, he was charged with corpses’ abuse, evidence tampering, drug offences and murder.

The previous report says that Burleigh’s sister posted a missing notice of Jenna Burleigh, asking anyone to inform her, if they see Burleigh, as she was last wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans and tan boots.

A victim woman, Jenna Burleigh was last seen in footage of surveillance, in which she was leaving the bar in North Philadelphia at 2 am with Hupperterz on Thursday. Footage shown that they left the bar stepping towards the Hupperterz’s house. It is reported that the Hupperterz’ neighbor noticed of hearing the screaming sounds from his apartment at around 4 am.

Later, Burleigh’s body was found at Hupperterz grandmother’s house, resides in the Paupack Township in Pennsylvania, a small town, about 25 miles away from north Philadelphia

Also Police have found blood, drugs, 10-15 pillow sized marijuana bags, cash of around $20,000. Hupperterz was noticed by police with scratches on face and a cut on the hand, for which he secured himself with saying it was cut by the broken china. While the investigation also used cadaver dogs for searching the nearby houses in the same area, which belong to mother and stepfather of Hupperterz. A roommate, who is said to have lived with Hupperterz, was also introduced by the investigators.

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