Intel Introduces With the New 17-Qubit Superconducting Test Chip for Quantum Computing

Intel has announced to deliver its new superconducting 17-qubit test chip to the quantum research partner of company, QuTech in the Netherlands. Intel has fabricated the new chip and it has been featured with the unique design to reach improved performance and yield.

The deployment of chip indicates that Intel and QuTech are in progress to make the research and development for the quantum computing system. Also the needs of material science are underscored as well as manufacturing the semiconductors realizes the quantum computing promises.

Quantum computing is an upcoming largest revolution in the technology which is soon to be experienced. IBM has unveiled its quantum processor this year, while researchers are experimenting on the basic silicon as well as silicon laced diamonds as a substrate of the quantum computing.

However, Google has been looking for the solutions that are cloud based, where Microsoft has also been working on the latest coding language to contribute in this technology. So, Intel is also stepping forward to the reality of quantum computing world.

A professor from QuTech, Leo DiCarlo said in a statement that, “With this test chip, we’ll focus on connecting, controlling and measuring multiple, entangled qubits towards an error correction scheme and a logical qubit. This work will allow us to uncover new insights in quantum computing that will shape the next stage of development.”

The managing director and corporate vice president of Intel Labs, Dr. Michael Mayberry said that, “Our quantum research has progressed to the point where our partner QuTech is simulating quantum algorithm workloads, and Intel is fabricating new qubit test chips on a regular basis in our leading-edge manufacturing facilities. Intel’s expertise in fabrication, control electronics and architecture sets us apart and will serve us well as we venture into new computing paradigms, from neuromorphic to quantum computing.”

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