Much awaited song ‘Two Ghosts’ is ultimately released today. The worldwide fans of famous singer Harry Styles have expected enough for the song which is apparently about Taylor Swift, Harry’s beautiful ex-girlfriend. The amazing lyrics are now shared in news websites for the fans of the duo. On 12th of May, the lyrics came in public officially. So, check it out!

The song started with the lyric “Same lips red, same eyes blue”. Everyone knows that it directly indicates the Styles of Tay as she keeps her lips red and she has the mesmerizing blue eyes. The 23-year-old Harry Styles took the note about his ex Taylor, 27. Harry could not withstand counting Taylor in the debut album of him which is self-titled. The popular ‘One Direction’ band famous Harry even did not hesitate to call back to the eminent line from Taylor’s super hit song named “Styles”.  It was cleared to the fans at that time that the song of Taylor is about former boyfriend Harry Styles. In her song’s lyrics she said that she got the classic red lips that he used to like, he got the long slicked back hair and the white T-shirt. Apparently, this is the opening line of Harry’s song. Only the “couple more tattoos” depicts that Harry is talking about the tattoos he got post break up with Tay which is clear to understand to the fans. No doubt, the entire song has Taylor-centric lyrics.

In the other album named “Carolina”, Harry referred Tay in a song also which is quite shocking. Whatever, it is hard to handle for the fans.

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