Humans Have Total 27 Distinct Emotions According To Scientists

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) in the United States have discovered 27 different types of emotions with replacing the previous the long held assumption of universally categorization of humans’ feeling within happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise and disgust.

Since, the previous theory was like that the humans have a set of five to seven core emotions, which is now challenged by the paper published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Sciences Academy.

The researchers have analyzed more than 800 women and men for their response to over 2,000 emotional video clips with help of novel statistical model. Those clips covered the variety of wide range of different scenario such as weddings, births and babies, death and suffering, pratfalls and risky stunts, natural disasters, spiders and snakes, sexual acts, awkward handshakes and nature scenes.

The research team rated the emotional response of the participants for with the scaling as 1 to 9 to each of the videos based on some dichotomies calmness versus excitement, positive versus negative and submissiveness versus dominance. The researchers were capable of predicting the scores of the participants with the help of how the participants accessed emotions with their result of the previous video.

A doctoral in neuroscience student at the University of California at Berkeley Alan Cowen said that, “We do not get finite clusters of emotions in the map because everything is interconnected. Our hope is that our findings will help other scientists and engineers more precisely capture the emotional states that underlie moods, brain activity and expressive signals, leading to improved psychiatric treatments, an understanding of the brain basis of emotion and technology responsive to our emotional needs.”

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