The Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Originate From Unknown Galaxy

The international team of researchers from Argentina’s Pierre Auger Observatory has been following the Highest-energy Cosmic Rays since 12 years of their hard work. Now, the team has finally discovered the origin of these thousands of Cosmic Rays as they belong to other galaxy, positioned at 120 degrees long from our Milky Way galaxy.

The low energy particles of Cosmic rays originate from the sun and they take place in the formation of the solar wind, while the particles belonged to the highest energy of the Cosmic rays that have been observed since decades, still remained for their accurate source.

From the source, i.e. Science Discovery, a Journal published on 22 September 2017, the scientists authenticated the origin of the Highest-energy Cosmic Rays, as the unexposed galaxy ever, which is tens to hundreds millions of light-years away  from our own galaxy.

The 1600 detectors of particles are spread over 1160 square miles of the Pierre Auger Observatory, which was actually built to investigate the cosmic rays constantly hitting the earth and their source. Since, the current research has been proved as a result of their twelve years of observations.

The study of the researchers of cosmic rays from the Pierre Auger Observatory has inferred that, “incoming orientations of the jots explicated that at such strengths the flux of cosmic rays originating from a section of the sky positioned 120 degrees from the galactic core is roughly 6% steeper than if the flux were utterly consistent.”

The comparison of arrival times of particles of the Cosmic rays with the varied detectors made it possible for the determination of the location to where the particles of cosmic rays belong.


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