High Blood Pressure in Teenagers Can Cause Organ Damage

The new research reveals that, in the United States, the number is not growing rapidly of only the obese children, but also the high blood pressure or hypertension is rising up along with the organ failure risks in the teenagers.

According to the analytical study conducted in the Ohio’s Cincinnati Hospital of Children, on the subject of high blood pressure, through which the children are suffering from. The researchers from this study, unveiled their conclusion on the studies that the high blood pressure found children may also cause the organ damage, if the condition gets uncontrolled, same as like adults.

The risk of occurrence of the organic damage gets increased because the high blood pressure does not show its symptoms significantly in the earlier phase of its development. It can be detected at the later stages, when it completes its development and becomes tough to be reversed the condition.

M.D., M.S., Dr. Elaine M. Urbina, director of preventive cardiology, director of preventive cardiology at the Ohio’s Medical Center of Cincinnati Hospital of Children and a study author, stated that, “Some adolescents may have organ damage related to blood pressure and are not targeted for therapy. Imaging of the heart may be useful in youth in the high-normal range of blood pressure to determine how aggressive therapy should be.

Elaine Urbina, added to her statement that, “Doctors want to avoid over treating patients who can use lifestyle changes to maintain healthy blood pressure, but they don’t want to miss a child who may be at risk for a heart attack.”


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