Heather Wilson is the representative of New Mexico Republican who has served the Armed Services Committee. She has been planned to pick up for the nominations of secretary at White House announcement on Monday. For a mere decade until 2009, she had been serving in Congress. She was also the president of South Dakota School of mines and technology.

She has been retired form Air Force Academy and if she is chosen as the secretary she would be the first gradate to be the secretary from the academy. At the time of H.W. Bush she had served as National Security Council of White House. And in the congress committee she has served as armed services committee.

While announcement for the pick Trump says that Heather Wilson would prove to be an excellent Secretary of the Air Force. As she had served for many years and is backed with lots of intelligence, talent and confidence, she would prove to be the perfect candidate. She would lead the Air Force with great competence and efforts.

Trump has chosen Heather Wilson, Vincent Viola, and James Mattis for the name of nomination. Business executive Vincent Viola is being chosen as the secretary of Army and he is little bit in a tensed to choose Between Defense Secretary and Trump’s political parties. For Navy secretary business executive of Hong Kong Philip Bilden is chosen to fill this post. He served in Hong Kong as front runner and the representative of Randy Forbes.

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