It is known to everyone that North Korea does not have even an ounce of friendly relationship with the United States. The North Korean government is always ready to spew out remarks against America, and term the Americans as “hostile”, “aggressor”, and “imperialist”. There is no doubt that the Kim family has been able to keep a strong hold on North Korea, and the family is ruling since almost seven decades.

It is important to mention how the North Koreans are made to believe that the Americans are against them. Even the North Korean kids are taught that Americans are like the cunning wolves, featuring pale skin, fair hair, and huge noses. The kids are brainwashed that Americans want to kill the North Koreans.

For those who do not know, in North Korea, the kindergartens as well as child-care hubs are adorned with animals grabbing machine guns and grenades. Even the cartoons illustrate that how brave squirrel soldiers are winning over the sly wolves. It is pretty easy to figure out that the squirrels represent North Korea and the wolves are for the United States.

In this matter, a proficient of North Korea’s propaganda, Tatiana Gabroussenko said that the people of North Korea live in an environment which is filled with war mentality. She also added that the anti-US propaganda is no less than war-time propaganda. She is a professor in the Korea University. Without any doubt, the whole world is looking at the current situation between the United States and the North Korea.

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