The Grim Association between Cancer and Sugar

The deadly cancerous cells are quit insurgent. They develop even towards, where they should not reach, destabilized authority, surrounded by the law abiding co-opt cells, with breaking the biological rules’ ton in their imbecile destruction quest.

These cells are even too weird, while one of the most peculiar examples of their pattern of rule breaking is their way of metabolizing sugar. A normal cell breaks down and extracts its energy gained from glucose via the process of oxidation, when the oxygen is willingly available in the human body.

Similarly, according to this biochemical machination, the cells are able to extract 36 ATP molecules, seems like a body having cash money. It is somewhat near to Bitcoin, in which the cells use to solve some complex equations and in a reward of that, they gain something can be spent.

However, these cancerous cells do much more of the biochemical work to receive minimum coin. They also make glucose in the human body to be broken down through glycolysis, which is a 10-step ancient process that yields these cells a trifling mere two ATP molecules for each of glucose.

The journal, ‘Nature Communication’ published a paper online on Friday, in which the authors reported that the interaction of reciprocal of ras and all discovered molecules of sugar “may lock cancer cells in a vicious cycle causing both persistent stimulation of cell proliferation and continued maintenance of overactive glycolysis. This would explain the close correlation between the proliferation rate and aggressive character of cancer cells and their fermentation hyperactivity.”

Johan Thevelein, a leading author of the study said in a follow-up statement that, “It’s a vicious cycle of continued stimulation of cancer development and growth. Explain the correlation between the strength of the Warburg effect and tumor aggressiveness.”

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