Gray Whale Stranded on the beach freed

A group of marine animal rescuers successfully freed a young gray whale Friday night that had been stranded on a remote beach in Washington Statefor three days.

NOAA Fisheries said that workers freed the 24-foot (7.3-meter) whale and worked tirelessly to build trenches. They used a pulley system to bring the juvenile gray whale closer to the water using a harness.

Team members say the whale stayed alerted through the stranding and tried to free itself much time but failed. Historically, for large stranded whales to be successfully freed it is considered uncommon condition.

The system turned the whale seaward in Olympic National Park and after some uncertain moments, it started swimming, according to officials.

Lesanna Lahner, wildlife veterinarian said that this is a very rare case. Everyone across the country is really interested in how the whale was rescued. When wild animals are stranded, it’s like they’ve been abducted by aliens. “Not only are they on shore, but they’re seeing humans walking around. It’s emotionally scary,” said Lahner.

Lahner and fellow respondent Dyanna Lambourn, a wildlife marine mammal biologist,checked sugar, vitamins-B, anti-inflammatories, and Valium to the whale in order to help its body survive with the stress of the stranding, according to reports.

Grey whales are uncommon among whales as they regularly feed in shallow waters. Officials say, recently, several other gray whales have been dappled feeding near where the whale was stranded.

Experts say that the whale was around one to two years old. The whale, originally thought to be a female, is now believed to be a male, NOAA says.

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