Gravitational Waves Detected Again… It’s Fourth Until Now…!!!!

The gravitational waves were first time detected 14 September 2015, which had shown that the structure of space can be rippled by the massive objects according to the key prediction of general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. Then the second view of gravitational waves was happened on 26 December 2015 followed by the announcement that these are new windows to the universe.

The more exciting detections yet to be announced are that the scientists are soon to observe the thousands of signals coming from the mars by the Virgo and Laser Interferometer Gravitational – Wave Observatory (LIGO) experiments. This will greatly help in understanding the theory of neutron stars, black holes, supernova explosions and the cosmos’ origin and fate.

And this is the time of detection of the fourth gravitational wave with the help of equipment released by Italy, by sending the ripples via space and time fabric, after the collision of two giant black holes.

The naked neurons use to emit light and different radiations, instead of absorbing it like the black holes. The rapid flash of X- rays or gamma rays along with the faint optical afterglow is produced by the Neutron star mergers, which can linger for some days or eventually for few weeks. The position of collision within some degrees long in the sky by the neutron stars can be localized by using the LIGO and Virgo in concert.

The collaboration of Virgo included over 280 engineers and physicists those belonged to the 20 unique group of European research.

The spokesman from MIT, for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, David Shoemaker stated that, “This is just the beginning of observations with the network enabled by Virgo and LIGO working together.”


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