Google’s New ‘Insta360’ Pro Camera: The First Street View Auto Ready

Google has recently approved the ‘Insta360 Pro’ camera as its new program ‘Street View auto ready’ with allowing anyone to use it with the preferred hardware and contribute in its 360-degree imaging database of the Street View to the immersive Google map. The user can control the camera by the Street View app and upload the footages directly from Stitcher software of Insta360 Pro.

The new Insta360 Pro goes for $3,500, which can shoot 8k, 360 degree images with capturing 5 frames per second along with the real time built-in image stabilization. The users are able to set the DIY route from the Street View camera that will be mounted on top of the car.

If someone is interested in this great global level program, but can’t afford $3,500 for the Insta360 Pro camera, should check out the Street View Loan Program by Google. The big G is providing the cameras to travelers, photographers, tourism boards, variety of non-profits and many other organizations.

Insta360 Pro is offering a cool way to the individuals across the world to be adventurous to contribute in the imagery database of Google Street View. This will also help Google in covering territory with an easy reach for its team, which includes terrain that is accessible for those selected organizations wanted to make documentation of it for the purpose of further research.

As the company reported that Street View will continue to show the best imagery by default for whatever given location, still it also giving an opportunity to the users to be the best Google at own imagery game.

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