Google Reveals Why Your Account Is Most Likely To Be Hacked

All of us are pretty aware of the common knowledge about some security threats such as third-party breaches, key logging and phishing. So, now Google is being more serious to better understand how the hijackers break passwords and other critical sensitive information.

For the same, Google conducted an investigation of black online markets since March 2016 – March 2017. In result, the company found that phishing attack poses the most threats to the online security. The Tech Titan detected 788,000 stolen credentials via key loggers, while 3.3 billion were hacked by third-party breaches and 12 million were stolen through phishing attack within the year of that investigation of online black markets.

A 12 per cent in total of exposed records were detected with used Gmail addresses in placed of usernames, while 7 per cent of those Gmail accounts had reused the accounts’ passwords too for many other services. However, the company is taking serious actions and assimilating the safety measures to keep away unauthorized strangers from entering into your users’ accounts.

Google also met with some tools that can collect users’ credentials like names, phone numbers and also devices’ model. These are the tools used by hijackers to authenticate users’ identities for logging into the accounts they are stealing.

The statement released by Google says that, “Our research tracked several black markets that traded third-party password breaches, as well as 25,000 black hat tools used for phishing and key logging. In total, these sources helped us identify 788,000 credentials stolen via key loggers, 12 million credentials stolen via phishing, and 3.3 billion credentials exposed by third-party breaches.”

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