Google Replaces the ‘First Click Free’ By ‘Flexible Sampling’

The news and content publishers are able to control the audience by letting them to access a limited number of articles, before showing them a subscription or PayWall prompt. Also Google is working for the same array of tools for helping the publishers to boost up the subscriptions.

So, the company has now replaced the controversial policy ‘First Click Free’ (FCF), which required the online publishers dealing with subscription to allow readers a free access to the articles that they could found in the Google Web search and Google news. While replacing the First Click Free, the company also intro recommends a set of new guidelines with ‘Flexible Sampling’ for the online publishers.

Richard Gingras, Google’s vice President for news, said that the company has collaborated with the online publishers and tested this new approach with Financial Times and New York Times specifically. Google focuses on making it easier for readers to subscribe the content of publisher. As the Google aspirations, the purchase flows, checkouts and one-click payments come up now with many improvements.

The company is stepping forward to build the best template-based and standard checkout flow, which can be available in description for the publishers.

Google’s VP Gingras said in a statement, “Try before you buy’ underlines what many publishers already know — they need to provide some form of free sampling to be successful on the internet. If it’s too little, then fewer users will click on links to that content or share it, which could have an effect on brand discovery and subsequently may affect traffic over time.”

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