Google Launching New ‘Advanced Protection’ Setting to Secure Sensitive Data against Hackers

Most of the tech organizations have their attention on getting vast majority of the users choosing a painless experience across a paranoid, when it comes at eternal tradeoff betwixt the convenience and digital security.

Unlike those tech firms, Google is now all set to add several features particularly objected for the users who look for the latter. Google users are now able to lock down their accounts with more security no other prominent tech giant has offered ever directly to people.

The tech giant, Google has just declared the new launch called as ‘advanced protection’ in the settings of Google accounts, which lets it to become more harden than ever before in order to stand against the hackers breaking down the sensitive data of user on Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive or any other properties of Google.

To set the ultra-secured mode that is intended for extremely high-risk users along with those who deal with the threat of high-resource cyber espionage, state-sponsored. Think officials and politicians, high net-worth activists, journalists, dissidents and individuals.

The chief technologist from the Center for Democracy and Technology, Joseph Lorenzo Hall stated that, “This is basically an extremely heavy-duty way of locking down an account. Even for people with very limited technology chops, this is a way for them to have an extremely protected profile.”

And the security team for Google, worded about this new feature in a blog-post that, “There is an overlooked minority of our users that are at particularly high risk of targeted online attacks. For example, these might be campaign staffers preparing for an upcoming election, journalists who need to protect the confidentiality of their sources, or people in abusive relationships seeking safety.”

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