Google Launched New Data Saving Android App to Prevent Other Apps from Wasting Users’ Data

Internet search engine giant, Google has again launched another simple and utilitarian Android app dedicated to help users’ data usage, which is one of the basic functions of a smartphone, in this case.

Datally is the latest in the apps series launched by Google that offers users control over their mobile data usage they consume with additional feature to find nearby public Wi-Fi sources. The company has made app available on the Google Play Store by today itself. The app lets users view the total amount of consumed data by other apps on users’ smartphones with letting them turn off or on data within those apps.

Managing Director of the Google India R&D organization and vice president of engineering of Next Billion Users initiative for Google, Peeyush Ranjan said in a statement given in Tuesday’s interview that, “In next billion users market, people are data constrained in many ways… people will buy data and worry about how much is left, how much is used.”

Datally also helps to find which apps are consuming data the most as well as at what time users’ data is getting consumed. The app also recommends various ways to cut down usage of data based on the activities suggesting nearby public access of Wi-Fi networks for them to connect to.

Before the final launch, Datally had been going through a long testing since summer in the Philippines. Google reported that the app has already earned more than 500,000 users succeeding in saving average people’s 30 per cent of data usage.

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