Google and Cisco Declared to Make a Partnership for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Google and Cisco announced to make a partnership sin order to help their consumers build more convenient hybrid cloud solutions. This partnership specifically concentrates and gives the recent focus of Google on the Kubernetes Container orchestration tool, incubated by Google as well as Istio Service Mesh to connect and secure the micro services over the clouds.

The Google Cloud CEO, Diane Greene stated that, “Google Cloud and Cisco are committed to meeting customers wherever they are in their journey to the cloud. This partnership enables developers and IT departments to seamlessly take advantage of the most open, secure tools for building modern applications in a hybrid environment.”

After so many announcements of partnership particularly at the enterprise space, it remains quit vague the companies for what the exact combined solution would be alike. But, both the companies, Cisco and Google stated that the general concept is what to help in bringing the cloud power for the on-premise environments of customers.

Both the teams have a stress that the solution of multi-cloud for the enterprises must involve a support for configuration, requirements of policy and security of enterprises along with the ability to obtain the performance data and real time networking.

The senior director of Cisco’s cloud solutions marketing, Fabio Gori stated that, “You want to carry your networking and security capabilities with you. You want to be free to use micro services wherever they are — whether that’s on-premise or in the cloud.”

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