Google and Amazon are Offering Holiday Bonanza on their Smart Speakers

Google and Amazon have announced a great variety of discounts for their smart speakers as holiday bonanza.

The giant online retailer have reduced the prices of their flagships including Echo to $79 which previously was $99, the Echo Plus to $119 from $149, the Echo Dot to $29 from $49 and the Echo Show to $179 from $229.

Simultaneously, Google is reducing the price for the Home to as lower as $79 from $129, while the price of Home Mini has been cut to $29 from $49. People can avail the discounts at the Google Store as well as the brick and mortar retailers that are carrying the devices, which includes retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Walmart.

In addition, the buyers will get a Walmart credit of $25 if they purchased a Google Home Mini at the Walmart Store on Black Friday, which they can use online or in store. Amazon is currently controlling 68 per cent of the global market of smart speakers, according to the report by Strategy analytics.

Holiday shopping spree is presenting Google with the opportunity of boosting its 28 per cent shares and eating into the commanding lead of Amazon. The holiday season is also offering amazon with a great opportunity of growing the installed base for the Echo products ahead by the release of the HomePod of Apple as well as a handful of many other competing devices.

A BI Intelligence research analyst, Peter Newman has put together a report for smart speakers, which scrutinizes the market potentials of the Echo Show, Echo Look and HomePod.

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