Global Anti-Smoking War

Cigarette is injurious to health. For same, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposal opened an international campaign to reduce smoking in at least four other countries, with health authorities. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested making mandatory the drastic cuts in nicotine levels.

An action plan is released by the public health experts in New-Zeeland. Also Canada and Finland are looking forward to regulate a fixed amount of drug in tobacco products. The FDA has raised the attention on making ‘reduced-nicotine cigarettes’.The U.S. Government stepping up to the war on nicotine and undermining the tobacco companies. This leads in falling smoking rates and developing countries.

This announcement of FDA thrilled many biggest exposures of tobacco companies such as British American Tobacco Plc. and Marlboro parent Altria Group Inc. It has estimated that the company would cost $10 billion to $12 billion to extract the nicotine from all the cigarettes it is selling across the country.

The countries including New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Finland and Malaysia have set target to eradicating smoking as early as 2025. Canada has already banned menthol flavored tobacco. The nations’ common target is ‘reducing addictiveness’ of tobacco products. A permanent ban is recommended on selling tobacco to people born after 2002 and limiting distribution to few specialist retailers. Also Russia is considering banning cigarettes to people born after 2015.  New tobacco control plan states to reduce the smoking rates from 17 percent to below 12 percent by 2022.

The World Health Organization’s tobacco control framework has 168 signatories to recommend the cut in nicotine content in cigarettes. This will be the most fundamental change in tobacco industry.

Simultaneously, FDA is approaching to encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, which has very less amount of nicotine.

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