Genetically Modified Soybean Oil Injurious To the Functioning Of Liver

The researchers from the University of California in the Riverside have declared that the genetically modified soybean oil contributes to induce the insulin resistance and lesser obesity than the conventional one. It affects fatty liver as well as diabetes similar to the traditional soybean oil.

The team of researchers has tested Plenish, which is genetically modified soybean oil in 2014 by DuPont. This is an engineered soybean oil to get low linoleic acid, which results in the similarity of composition to olive oil that is the base of Mediterranean diet, which is considered as a healthful.

Dr. Frances Sladek, a Ph.D. Professor of Cell Biology and Toxicologist from the University of California in Riverside, said that, “Our findings do not necessarily relate to other soybean products like soy sauce, tofu, or soy milk – products that are largely from the water-soluble compartment of the soybean; oil, on the other hand, is from the fat-soluble compartment.”

The study has compared long lasting metabolic effects on those of Plenish occurred by the conventional soybean oil. The team also compared both Plenish and conventional soybean oil with the coconut oil that is full of saturated fatty acids, which causes a weight gain with slight amount from all of the tested rich-fat diets.

Another lead researcher from University of California in the United States, Poonamjot Deol  staed that, “In our mouse experiments, olive oil produced essentially identical effects as Plenish – more obesity than coconut oil, although less than  soybean oil- and very fatty livers, which was surprising as olive oil is typically considered to be the healthiest of all the vegetable oils.”

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