Genetic Mutation Says The Vampires Are Real…!!

The latest discovered studies on the genetic mutation have given the researchers a new thought. The mutation triggers the Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP) in the CLPX genes which may lead to the vampire folklore with the burning skin in the sunlight. This research will be helping in identifying the potential therapeutic for the treatment of the EPP.

The classic symptoms of a vampire are listed such as thirstiness for blood, sensitivity to sunlight, nearly corpse like complexion, etc. But the new study says that there are some additional signs like diseases related to the genetic blood known as the EPP.

The people in a less enlightened times, if found with the nocturnal habits, pale appearance, drinking habit of animals’ blood, were said to be accused vampirism.

Barry Paw, MD, PhD from Dana Farber-Boston Cancer and Blood Disorders of Children Center had a statement on this research that, “People with EPP are chronically anemic, which makes them feel very tired and look very pale with increased photo-sensitivity because they can’t come out in the daylight. Even on a cloudy day, there’s enough ultraviolet light to cause blistering and disfigurement of the exposed body parts, ears and nose.”

To build up some genetic pathways of protoporphyrin IX have been already described, still many cases remain unexplained that belong to the EPP.

Dr. Barry Paw also suggests for identifying the different genes mutation which lead in contribution to porphyria can pave the type of therapies in future which could fix a defected gene that causes the disorders related to the same.

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