Damascus must stop severe gas attacks on innocents or else, the military action would be taken against the Syrian government, said James Mattis, the US defense secretary. Mattis has warned Syrian regime via this message on Tuesday.

In the press conference that was held on Tuesday was the first press conference of the US defense secretary since he took the authority of US militant. Mattis gave warning to Assad regime saying that immediately the chemical gas bombs attacks on civilians must be stopped.  Such chemical weapons contain chlorine which already took many lives. If Assad regime does not take action against the bomb attack then US army would take military action against Assad administration. The US defense secretary thinks that Syrian regime is taking absolutely contrary steps of the Geneva Convention for which the country is also signed up. Assad government has to pay the very stiff cost if the bombing is not stopped as soon as possible, Mattis said vigorously.

When the question is asked to Mr. Mattis about the chlorine barrel bombs attacking the defense secretary immediately gave response saying, it does not matter how the bombs are dropped, the main concern is it is the chemical weapon which caused gigantic destruction on humanity.  It is not so bothering whether the bombs are dropped on non-military centers by artillery shell or the helicopter or the fighter aircraft. It is all bout destroying lives of innocents by the chemical weapon, Mattis continued.    

According to Mr. Mattis chlorine bombs would not be included in the chemical weapon list when the press asked him to clarify the entire subject whether it fits on chemical weapon category of the country or not.

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