Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset

After launching Mi VR Play headset in its home-based market back in August, Xiaomi has introduced the high-end headset in India over this weekend. On Monday, the Chinese Leader Xiaomi has unveiled its much-anticipated headset “Mi VR Play Headset” in the Indian market. Tagged with Rs. 999 only, the headset will hit sale availability on 21st December via company’s online store, Along with the new limited edition Mi VR Headset, Xiaomi also has introduced a live streaming app called “Mi Live” for the Indian users.

The entry-level VR (Virtual Reality) headphones called “Mi VR Play” will be a lightweight headset which is designed to give users a seamless Virtual Reality experience. Moreover, it is authorised to toil with Google Cardboard applications.

As said by Xiaomi is an official statement, “‘Mi VR Play’ is the entry-level gadget of the company which is intended to bring the unparalleled VR experience to a much wider audience base in India. As VR technology is still a toddler in India, the ‘Mi VR Play’ is expected to bring up a more positive and influential impact across the country.”

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset is integrated with a ‘two-way zipper’ outline which will enable the headset simpler for use. The two zipper design is making the headphone comfortable to insert and take out on a smartphone. Moreover, it also ensures the phone to stay sticking to the device and does not fall out of the headset.

Among other notable features, the Mi VR Play headset is compatible with Google Cardboard Apps and will enable the users to watch YouTube videos and Mi Live VR live streams in a 360-degree view.

Regarding specs, the Xiaomi Mi VR Play measures 201x107x91mm and weighs 208.7g. With the dual-front opening and non-slip pads, it can go well with different high-end Smartphones like Mi Note, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Its optical-grade aspheric lens contains a long tolerance hiatus of 0.01mm and its anti-reflective lens for image clarity.

Rolling over to the live-streaming Application “Mi Live,” it is designed to work with VR live streaming. It will be compatible with Android devices. Now it has been enlisted in Google Play Store, and users can directly download it to enhance their VR experience.

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